Why see a chiropractor?

People often ask themselves why see a chiropractor? Easiest and simplest answer is that chiropractors get results. Addressing a major cause of one’s symptoms (vertebral subluxations-stress on one’s nerve system due to bones in the spine not moving correctly) will help people get long term correction. What that means by addressing the cause of the pain is that it’ll save you time, energy, and more importantly peace of mind. Peace of mind that you can work out and not have flareups. Peace of mind that you can do the things that you once took for granted.

What I often hear is that they wish they worked with me sooner. The sooner they get their nervous system checked out, to allow the body to heal more efficiently, the more time they gain. Seeing a chiropractor will gain more time with their family, time to exercise, time to live their best life. Less time is wasted on having to stretch more to relief their pain (headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, migraines, vertigo, back pain, etc..), having to get multiple massages, reliance on medication (which often times have horrible side effects) and other therapies that don’t work for them.

Yes.. this may seem like bold statements. But ask yourself, what if it actually worked? What would your life look like if you didn’t have to deal with those nagging headaches or neck pain?

Dr. Palmes is a family chiropractor in Scripps Ranch. He services Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, Poway, Sabre Springs, Rancho Penasquitos, Miramar, Rancho Bernardo and San Diego county. He works with kids, pregnant women, men, and women be the best version of themselves so they don’t live with pain.

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