Hi, I’m Dr. Gerald Palmes

My vision is to help people live a life where there are only possibilities instead of limitations. To help people in the community be the best version of themselves by making sure their nervous system and body’s are functioning at it’s highest level possible. My vision is to empower people in the community to be proactive in their health by doing community outreach, hosting events in my office, and being a resource for the community.

My mission is to improve lives and empower people to live healthier, more vibrant lives through chiropractic care, by removing nerve interference and optimizing life potential.

I was born and raised here in San Diego. I grew up knowing that I wanted to become a health provider, just unsure what that would be. It wasn’t until halfway through college did I hear about or even know what a chiropractor was. I worked in a chiropractic office my last years while at UC Irvine.

I saw first hand many miracle stories and learned this was very common in a chiropractic office. People who suffered with years of headaches, back pain, etc.., no longer have these issues after going to the chiropractor.

Learning how chiropractic is about allowing the human body, a self healing organism, to function optimally was something that I believe is a universal truth. I knew I wanted to become a chiropractor and I knew I wanted to help people in my community and city. To help people, who like me, were unaware of how chiropractic can change someone’s life for the better. After graduating chiropractic college and working in an office in the SF bay area, I moved back to my hometown with the goal to help people live a life where there are only possibilities and to help them be the best version of themselves.