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Back pain is one of the top reasons driving people to seek medical help; statistics show that at least 8 out of 10 people will encounter back pain at some point in life. Although many people lean on painkillers, these drugs can only mask the pain temporarily. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, resolves the underlying reasons for your back pain. If you live in Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, Poway, or Rancho Penasquitos and are struggling to make it through another day or night, please schedule an appointment to see Back Pain Chiropractor Dr. Palmes at Best Life Chiropractic in Poway, CA, and get on the road to drug-free pain relief.

What is Causing My Back Pain?

Every patient has a unique back pain story that may have dramatic and painful twists, turns, and snaps. Getting the right back pain treatment requires an accurate diagnosis, and then addressing the root cause of the pain. Dr. Palmes, the chiropractor Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, Poway, and Rancho Penasquitos families trust for natural back pain relief, will listen to you, carefully examine you, and then recommend specific chiropractic adjustment treatment for middle or lower back to help you fully regain your wellness and feel great again.

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Causes of Back Pain

While every patient has a different back pain story, the underlying causes of back pain can usually be boiled down to one or a combination of the following causes:


Incorrect Posture and Ergonomics

Hunching over your desk, slouching on the couch, craning your neck down at your phone, or even sleeping on a poor mattress can pull the spine out of alignment, causing pain from pinched nerves and strained muscles.



Car accident injuries, sports injuries, work injuries and other day-to-day mishaps can cause back injury and pain. Our chiropractor is very experienced in helping people overcome a wide variety of back injuries.

Bulging or Herniated Discs

Injury or poor posture, or a combination of both, can weaken the cushioning discs between the vertebrae, causing the nucleus to bulge or extrude out and press on sensitive nerves. This can cause very intense back pain.


More than half of pregnant women report cases of pregnancy back pain because of the rapid shift in the spine’s center of gravity as the baby grows. Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial for moms and babies because it is an effective, drug-free back pain treatment that optimizes nervous system function throughout pregnancy, helping both mother and baby thrive during the process.

Back Pain Chiropractic Service Poway, CA

Drug-Free Back Pain Relief with Chiropractic Care

How does chiropractic care relieve back pain? Typically, all the above causes of back pain come down to the fact that spinal vertebrae are misaligned and pinching nerves. Using scientifically-proven chiropractic adjustment techniques, our chiropractor uses precise spinal adjustments to move vertebrae back into their correct positions, freeing the pinched nerves. It may take a few sessions of adjustments to fully

correct spinal alignment. Dr. Palmes also helps his patients rehabilitate the supporting spinal muscles so that those core muscles can fully support correct posture long term. In addition, he will coach you and help you figure out ways to live life more ergonomically and with correct posture so that you can maintain correct alignment. Ultimately, this will help you avoid back pain and a host of other health problems associated with pinched nerves so that you can live your best life with energy and wellness every day!

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