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If you’re in need of the best chiropractor in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA, you’ve just found what you’re looking for. Whether you suffer from shoulder painback pain, migraines, neck painsciatica, hip pain, whiplash treatment, tmj jaw pain, pregnancy, bad posture, auto accident chiropractic care may be just what you need to feel better quickly. Dr. Gerald Palmes’s diverse skill set and extensive training have helped him treat a range of conditions.

No more back pain, no matter your age or occupation.

The chiropractic approach to health is based on the fact that the body heals from the inside out. Misaligned spines can block nerve flow to vital organs, resulting in a range of ailments. The crooked position of the spine can also affect posture, nervous system function, and overall health. A qualified chiropractor will assess the entire body to find the underlying problem and treat it accordingly. Dr. Palmes is one of the best chiropractors in Sorrento Valley, CA. He loves taking an active role in patients’ healing processes and navigating their journeys to health.

Carmel Mountain Headache Migraine Treatment: Committed to Personalized Care

Millions of people suffer from severe migraine headaches each year, which can be debilitating. In addition to painful pain, migraine sufferers may experience nausea or vomiting, visual disturbances, and abnormal sensations. Sometimes, migraine sufferers may experience an aura before the headache, which includes flashing lights, blind spots, or strange smells and tastes. Headache migraines are thought to be caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. They typically begin as a dull ache, which can last for hours or even days. Migraine sufferers can also be mentally dull during these episodes.

Miramar Ranch North CA

Headache migraines are caused by a cascade of events in the head and surrounding area. The pain comes from changes in the activity of nerve cells and blood vessels. In migraine headaches, a person’s brain releases chemicals known as neurotransmitters. These chemicals cause pain in the head. Migraine headaches are characterized by recurrent attacks of moderate to severe pain. Migraine headaches result from the activation of nerve fibers in brain blood vessels traveling through the meninges.

Shoulder Pain in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, California

Shoulder pain can occur for a number of reasons. A dislocated shoulder or rotator cuff tear can be painful. Pain may be felt when lifting the arm above the head or moving it behind the back. It may be the result of an underlying health problem like a heart attack. However, if the pain does not subside on its own, you should visit a doctor immediately. Shoulder pain is a common problem, and seeking medical help is important to get back to a normal life.

Many common treatments for shoulder pain don’t target the root cause of the pain. At Best Life Chiropractic, we treat the source of the pain, providing relief and healing. For years, our chiropractic doctor has helped thousands of patients with shoulder pain. We have a convenient physician’s office, advanced imaging capabilities, and a fully comprehensive sports and physical therapy program. Our physician provides medical care for the community and elite athletes, as well as all those suffering from shoulder pain.

Maintaining a Lighthearted and Personal Approach to Spinal Decompression

If you’ve been suffering from pain in your back, neck, or both, you may want to consider spinal decompression in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA. This non-invasive procedure works to relieve pressure on the discs in your spine and encourage their healing. It’s an effective treatment that doesn’t require downtime. Dr. Palmes is a licensed chiropractor who has treated countless patients. His personal experience with spinal decompression treatments allows him to tailor a plan for you.

Spinal decompression is a treatment for many different kinds of spine-related disorders. It can be used to treat lumbar and cervical spine problems, such as degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. They all share the common problem of spinal compression. Spinal decompression uses motorized traction to gently stretch out the spine and relieve pain. The procedure is a great option for people who suffer from chronic pain and lack the ability to perform physical activities. Spinal decompression is great for treating disc issues, radicular pain, and sciatica.

Best Life Chiropractic brings together chiropractic healthcare and wellness.

Don’t let back pain, neck pain, or headaches bother you any longer. Free yourself from lower back and neck pain, upper back and neck pain, and headaches. If you’re not born with perfect posture, then you’re going to suffer from trouble with your spine. Whether it’s due to a job, sports injury, or poor diet, our chiropractors can help restore your natural spine alignment with the latest treatments and technologies.

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