Chiropractor for Sciatica Pain in San Diego

Choose an experienced chiropractor for sciatica pain relief. Best Life Chiropractic Services offers chiropractic treatment for sciatica to help ease your pain so you can get back to enjoying life to the fullest.

Is a Chiropractor Good for Sciatica?

Working with a chiropractor is good for sciatica. In fact, chiropractic treatment for sciatica is one of the most effective treatments. A sciatica chiropractor from Best Life Chiropractic can use specific spinal manipulation techniques and other methods to relieve pain and take pressure off the sciatic nerve.

Seeking a chiropractor for sciatica pain can ensure an accurate diagnosis of sciatica. We can help identify the cause of the pain to develop a drug-free, non-surgical treatment tailored to your symptoms and condition.

Our chiropractic treatments in Mira Mesa may help:

  • Restore misaligned discs
  • Increase mobility
  • Ease muscle spasms
  • Eliminate sciatica pain once and for all

If you are currently pregnant, you may also wonder whether chiropractor pregnancy sciatica treatments are safe for you and your baby. Chiropractic care is very effective at relieving sciatica pain during pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments may also realign the pelvis, creating more space for your growing baby.

Whether you need chiropractor pregnancy sciatica care or general chiropractic services, Best Life Chiropractic is ready to relieve your pain.

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What are the symptoms of sciatica?

The most common symptom of sciatica is pain that radiates from the lower back or buttocks down to one or both legs. The pain may feel like a sharp or shooting sensation, or it may be a dull ache. Sciatica can also include numbness, tingling, or weakness in the affected leg or foot.

How is sciatica diagnosed?

Sciatica is typically diagnosed through a physical examination, orthopedic exams, and chiropractic evaluation. X-rays and further imaging can validate and confirm findings from the exam.

Can Chiropractic care help with sciatica?

Absolutely! Chiropractic care has been shown to be very effective in treating sciatica and sciatic type of symptoms. Pain medication, topical creams, hot/cold therapy, and corticosteroid injections can help with pain management of sciatica but these treatments do not address the cause of sciatica. Sciatic pain is due to inflammation and pressure on the sciatic nerve. Chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression can alleviate pressure off the nerve, reduce inflammation, restore proper function, and reduce pain.

Can sciatica be prevented?

Sciatica can be prevented by paying attention to the cause of sciatica. Improper lifting, prolonged sitting/standing, improper posture, old accidents, old injuries (to ankles/knees), and misalignments/subluxations of the low back/hips can all cause sciatica.

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