What to Expect

We are thrilled that we will be meeting you soon to see how we can help you and your family!

Please call our office at 619-758-5820 to speak with one of our caring staff members as soon as possible.

1) Consultation and Health History:

Dr. Palmes will go through a thorough consultation to learn more about your health history and see if you are a good fit for the office.

2) Chiropractic Evaluation:

Dr. Palmes will assess the integrity of your spine and nervous system. This will help determine if you are a candidate for care and see if your symptoms can be corrected through chiropractic care.

3) Functional Neural Testing:

During the evaluation, Dr. Palmes will test to see how efficiently your nervous system is working. This can help explain why there is a breakdown in your body’s performance thus causing pain.

4) Specialized Motion X-Rays:

Nobody is ever stuck in one position all day long, we go through our days in motion. If warranted, these x-rays will visually show how the spine is related to one’s health problems.

5) Doctor’s Report:

Dr. Palmes will review your xrays and point out exactly where the problem is. He will also review the plan to help correct your problem. First adjustment is done on this visit.