Subluxations and the 4 D’s

The main focus of chiropractors is the detection and correction of vertebral subluxations.

What are subluxations?

They are misaligned bones/segments in the spine which causes interference in the nervous system. This is bad because any interference in the nerve system will alter and change how our brains perceive the world. Remember the nervous system, which consists of the brain and nerves are the communication system with in our bodies. This allows our body’s to function, it is allowing us to feel, move, and adapt to stress/heal.

When we have vertebral subluxations and there is interference in our nervous system it will lead to the 4 D’s: Dysfunction, Discomfort, Degeneration and Disease.

Dysfunction: meaning our bodies aren’t working at 100%. Not working optimally. I’ve seen this many times especially with shoulders and hip issues. I myself have chronic subluxations on the left side of my body and as a result, my left hip doesn’t fire as strong as my right side. Meaning when I do certain leg exercises, I fatigue much faster on my left side of the body vs. the right side.

Discomfort: this mean another way of saying pain. Relating this to myself, I sometimes get left hip pain.

Degeneration: Often times, if these subluxations are not corrected it will lead to degeneration. Much more wear and tear than other areas. Think of the alignment in your car, if you continue to drive with that problem, over time the tires and threads will wear out much faster than the parts of your car that is aligned properly. Subluxations will lead to global postural problems which will lead to faster wear and tear. Wear and tear in the spine is referred to as arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and bone spurs. This is will lead to future surgery and other issues.

Disease: If your nerves can’t supply information to certain parts of your body, particularly your internal organs, that will lead to other health problems. One example is when people have middle back subluxations, the nerves to the stomach are compromised. Because of these subluxations it can cause things like acid reflux or heartburn. Once these individuals get adjusted and their subluxations in the middle back get corrected, these people are surprised that they no longer experience heartburn or reflux. This is common in babies too.. I’ve adjusted babies and their colic or ear infections go away.

The human body is an amazing organism. It has the power to heal and self regulate itself. If there is 100% communication within the body, good things happen. And as a result you are healing better and feeling your best. I’m not a back pain or neck pain doctor, as a chiropractor I’m a nerve doctor. I’m similar to an electrician, allowing your body to be better connected which will mean you function better. What that means for you is less pain and more relief.

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Dr. Gerald Palmes is chiropractor who serves the communities of Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, Poway, Sabre Springs, Miramar, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Bernardo and the rest of San Diego county. His mission is to help people connect to their bodies so they can heal better and be the best version of themselves.