Patient Testimonials

Listen to what our many happy and very satisfied patients have to say about their experience in our office. We are confident you will be feel the same way and the only regret you’ll have is not calling us sooner!

  • "Main reason I came to see Dr. Palmes was because of my headaches.  I was having them almost everyday for 2 plus years and some days the headaches were so bad, they interfered with work, social life and sleep.  This experience has really let me enjoy a life headache free.  I have more energy and have a good night's rest.  It's nice to see and feel the progress I was promised and not treat anything with a bottle of pills."

    Angie M.
  • “I don’t have shoulder pain anymore and I don’t need to have surgery done on it.  I have better range of motion and I am able to put on my own clothes without any challenges!”

    Marlene N. 
  • “I used to have neck issues and now I don’t!  I haven’t felt this good in years!”

    Joy P.
  • “I originally came into the office for middle back pain.  But since I came in and started care my headaches have disappeared, my digestion has been better, my hip pain has reduced allowing me to run again, my mid back pain is gone and I’ve been told my snoring has gotten better too!”

  • “I came in unable to stand or walk.  After seeing Dr. Palmes I am able to take long walks with my wife again.”

  • “My back pain limited me from working out and playing with my puppy.  After seeing Dr. Palmes I am pain free, can run without pain and I am able to play with my puppy without any pain!”


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