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Gerald Palmes
Gerald Palmes
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For years I’d been suffering of excruciating lower back pain and could understand why, | was sure what was causing it. I’m a nurse and work in surgery, which has me on my feet for more than 12 hours and on the move constantly. The pain was horrible every time | had to make any bending motion from my waist down and starting to affect my job performance. Not only that, but it affected my exercise/running routine. Getting out of bed and Switching positions from laying down to, sitting down, to standing up was a whole production. | started getting adjustments from Dr. Palmes in 2015 and within the first appointment | could feel a difference.

As time went by, | felt the discomfort and pain go away. My flexibility was back, headaches and backaches gone! | soon started running again and have continued doing so knowing that | will be pain free.

Thanks to Dr. Palmes and the chiropractic adjustments I’ve received | can perform my everyday activities, job duties and running adventures without reservations!

-Karla L.



Before Seeing Dr. Palmes, | would tweak my back at least once every two weeks doing normal movements and was unable to lay down or exercise without discomfort. My back, shoulders and neck have recovered 100% over the course of time | was seeing Dr. Palmes. | am so grateful and excited to maintain my progress.

And I’ve had no headaches since seeing Dr. Palmes!!!

Thank you!!!

-Isabella F.



The expert, loving care of Dr. Palmes and Best Life Chiropractic has given me back my life and my quality of life!

In 2016, | had debilitating chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain that made the simple everyday things nearly impossible. | couldn’t get out of bed by myself. | couldn’t raise my arms enough to dress or undress myself. | couldn’t even brush my own hair. | was worried that | wouldn’t be able to continue working. | just remember pain and tears and frustration and embarrassment.

At minimum, | wanted to be able to perform my own self-care and activities of daily living. Ideally, | wanted to be able to get back to my extracurricular activities such as dancing Argentine tango and working out and hiking! | wanted to enjoy life again!

Then | was lucky enough to find Dr. Palmes. | was definitely skeptical at first, but | was desperate for help and was open to trying anything. Thank goodness | did! | noticed significant improvement literally after the first few sessions! | kept coming regularly, and it wasn’t long before | could do ANYTHING | wanted!

| have little to no pain these days, | am fully functional, and | even entered and won my very first bodybuilding competition recently! | never could have dreamed that I’d ever be able to do such a thing or be this strong and healthy again!

Mahalo, Dr. Palmes! | am so grateful for all that you are and all that you do!

-Candice N.



Honestly, | was somewhat of a skeptic when it came to chiropractic care but | reached a point where | would try anything for pain relief. After seeing Dr. Palmes, my mind completely changed! | came in for sciatica along with neck pain. | was incapable of walking long distance let alone stand for long periods due to the tingling and numbness in my leg. Also, the stiffness in my neck caused vertigo so | was extremely moody and irritable from all the pain | was enduring. Within a few weeks of treatment, | saw a significant amount of improvement. Dr. Palmes was able to take away my neck aches and even the sciatica. Amazing. Now | am a lot more energized and simply happy to be PAIN FREE. I’m extremely pleased with my experience and | continuously recommend chiropractic care to everyone. Thank you Dr. Palmes for making me feel brand new!

– Cheryl M.



| was suffering from pain on my left shoulder and arm so bad | could hardly raise it and do my activities of daily living. | spent over a year taking pain medication just to get through a day. | had a MRI done and | was told that | would need steroid injections or possibly surgery. | was referred to Dr. Palmes to try him out.

After a thorough evaluation we began a recovery plan. After the first two weeks | was able to get though my day without pain medication. | was able to get some comfortable sleep up to this time. Now almost nine weeks of treatment, my pain has gradually diminished.

Dr. Palmes has helped me alleviate the pain and strength in my left arm. With my chiropractic treatment | feel like | get part of my life back. | look forward to continued improvement. Thank you Dr. Palmes!!!

– Marlene N.



| met Dr. Palmes at an event, and what | thought would be a casual conversation, changed my life. Without telling him, he was able to pinpoint exactly where on my spine | was in pain, and where | wasn’t. That caught my attention very quickly. Although | had been doing 2+ years of regular deep tissue massages/cupping/bodywork appointments, | had just found a way to maintain. After talking to him, Dr. Palmes helped me realize that after this long, there has to be something more to my constant pain and that my alignment is probably off.

The first visit with Dr. Palmes was so incredibly educational. It was a bit nerve-racking to go to a Chiropractor for the first time, and Dr. Palmes was so kind and welcoming. We discussed every pain and discomfort that | am experiencing, the main focus was my TMu. During the first appointment, he walked me through every step of what was happening with the x-rays and exam and answered every question | had. After the first appointment, | even received a follow-up text encouraging me about the whole process.

At one of my first appointments, Dr. Palmes mentioned that he had talked to a colleague about my TMy, trying to learn even more about my condition. | thought it was so incredible that he took the time out of his busy schedule to learn new ways to help me improve.

Flash forward a few months and | have been in absolute awe of how much my TMJ has improved. | can eat big burgers and eat sushi without embarrassing myself. | truly feel that Dr. Palmes and | are on a team, and together we will find a way for me to continue to feel my absolute best.

| give Dr. Palmes my highest recommendation. Visiting him is 100% worth the time and financial commitment. At the end of the day, you have one body, you want it to be functioning at its absolute best…

-Amanda H.


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